911 Dispatch Reporting

The information being presented on this site is based upon Sarasota County Public Safety Communications Center historic dispatch information which is updated on a routine basis. The information contains the most current activity over the previous 24 hour period.

For comments please contact the respective agency's Public Information Officer. Each agency head has been requested to indicate their approval of the routine release of the dispatch information to the media. The County Sheriff’s Office and County Fire Department have granted their approval to proceed.

No guarantee of any kind are (is) made regarding the accuracy or completeness of the data provided on this Web site. The reliability of this service cannot be guaranteed due to the technical nature of the support of this information.

In no event shall Sarasota County Government be liable for damages of any nature, including any loss of profits, loss of savings or other incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use this Internet service.

Thanks are given to the County IT Department for software development and their assistance in launching this project and for the project coordination of the Sarasota County Emergency Management Department.

Due to new medical information protection regulations set forth by the National Department of Health and Human Services, to meet the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, This Internet site will no longer list a complete set of incident records. Those records that directly relate to an individual medical incident will no longer be posted.

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If you are in need of the public information portions of these types of incidents, please contact the appropriate agency at the contact numbers below:

Sarasota County Sheriff
(941) 861-4025
Fire Operations
(941) 861-5000
Sarasota Police
(941) 954-7025